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KAL Waterfront Terminals and Operations  (KAL12497)


KAL Waterfront Terminals and Operations (KAL12497)

$ 21.99

Rail-marine operations are a vital aspect of modern transportation, and Waterfront Terminals and Operations explores this interesting topic in model railroading.

This book includes:

  • A historical overview of the railroad-marine interface - the terminal where railroad tracks meet lakes or sea, from a modeler's perspective.
  • Chapters on break bulk piers and terminals, grain terminals, mineral terminals, railroad ferries and car float terminals, container terminals, barge terminals, ship building, and modeling water and wharves.
  • Prototype information along with buildable track plans and modeling tips.
Author: Bernard Kempinski
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 96
Color photos: 175

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