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TITANIUM TURNBUCKLE M3x34mm (2pcs) (HPI102497

HPI Racing

TITANIUM TURNBUCKLE M3x34mm (2pcs) (HPI102497

$ 14.00

Beef up your Steering and Suspension on your Cyber 10B, Sprint 2 and TCX and make racing adjustments fast and easy with a set of super-strong Grade 5 titanium turnbuckles!

To fully outfit the Cyber 10B with titanium turnbuckles, two pairs of #102498 46mm turnbuckles are needed for the camber links and one pair of #102497 34mm turnbuckles are needed for the steering links. The #102496 24mm turnbuckle is used to connect the steering servo to the steering arms. The TCX uses an M3x34mm turnbuckle for the steering link. The Sprint 2 uses a 4-40x34mm to connect the servo to the steering assembly. 4-40 in metric is approximately 2.845mm which means that this M3x34mm turnbuckle can also be used as an upgrade. The 4-40 thread is slightly coarser than the M3 so to ensure a secure fit we recommend replacing the ball cups #Z125 at the same time. Check out our other available Titanium Turnbuckles: #102496 - TITANIUM TURNBUCKLE M3x24mm (2pcs) #102497 - TITANIUM TURNBUCKLE M3x34mm (2pcs) #102498 - TITANIUM TURNBUCKLE M3x46mm (2pcs) #104806 - TITANIUM TURNBUCKLE M3x60mm (2pcs) #93485 - TITANIUM TURNBUCKLE M3x69mm (2pcs)

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