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🔍  SXT Slime  Tire Conditioner (SXT00050)

HRP Distributing

🔍 SXT Slime Tire Conditioner (SXT00050)

$ 12.00

This is a must have sauce for any racer to keep your tires fresh, soft and not dried out.

SXT Slime Tire Conditioner was developed to condition foam and rubber tires to feel fresh week to week.

Slime can be applied before race day on tires to help prep them for race day. Then you can choose your favorite traction compound on the day of racing.


Tire conditioner

Helps tires maintain a fresh soft feel

Carpet foam and rubber

Offroad foam and rubber

Apply for 60 minutes and wipe tires

Will require some drying time SXT Slime

Tire Conditioner for Dirt racing (off road & oval) and rubber tire onroad.

Slime is used to condition new and old rubber to have a fresh feeling for race day.

It is used in conjunction with regular traction compound during the race day.

While we were testing compounds we decided to try an extra thick blend to see what it might do for the tires and how they felt.

The rubber felt great after treating them for over 60 minutes and then wiping them off and let dry.

However we knew that it would be too thick as a traction compound so it became Slime Tire Conditioner.

Further testing at races has seen drivers applying

Slime first thing when arriving at the track and letting it do its thing for an hour.

Drivers then wipe the excess off and follow this up with normal traction compound routine closer to race time.

You can also prepare tires the night before racing if you do not have time at the track.

We just recommend wiping off the tires completely before storing them for race day

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