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Woodland Scenics Foam Pencils (4) (WOOST1431)

Woodland Scenics

Woodland Scenics Foam Pencils (4) (WOOST1431)

$ 6.29

This Package of Foam Pencils Contains 2 Red and 2 Black.
Woodland Scenics' SubTerrain Tools for Drawing on Foam.

Special lead designed to draw on foam without causing any damage.
Certified nontoxic.
Marks easily on most materials.
Use to mark cutting lines on profile boards, to indicate roadways,
track location and wiring.
Colors will not bleed through paint or other coverings.
Each end is sharpenable and can be sharpened in a standard sized
pencil sharpener.

Two Red Foam Pencils
Two Black Foam Pencils

Length: 7"

Use latex paint, and two coats may be needed.

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