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$ 2.99

Ken's Kustom Fuzzi-Fur is a high-quality, finely chopped rayon flocking for use in model car and truck interiors, displays, etc. It is packaged in easy to use and store clear plastic tubes. This type of packaging keeps the flocking loose, and it will not get matted together, as it will when packaged in plastic bags.

One tube of Ken's Kustom Fuzzi-Fur contains enough product to do several 1/25th scale cars, so one tube of any color should last the average modeler for quite some time.

HOW TO APPLY: Fuzzi-Fur is easily applied by sprinkling, or sifting over wet white glue, or over a slow drying "SIMILAR COLOR" Enamel paint. Different effects can be obtained by using a base paint of either a similar, or of a contrasting color. We suggest that you practice with the product on some scrap plastic to get a feel for how the product works, before using it on a good model project. It is also suggested that you work in a clean, draft free area, and be sure to clear the work area of anything that you don't want the fur to get on, as it clings to almost anything by static electricity! Work over a clean sheet of printing paper, so that it can be folded into a "V" shape, and the unused fur funneled back into its container for future uses.

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