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Woodland Scenics


$ 7.99

They allow you to quickly and easily transform your cities and towns with color, variety, and life!
  • Give your layout, diorama or miniature scene the touch of authen- ticity needed to bring it truly alive!
  • Add desired details to buildings, fences, signs and undecorated box cars in full color.
  • Easily applied in seconds to smooth or textured surfaces.
  • No decal film to spoil the look of your models.
  • Authentic logo colors and names.
  • Various logos: Bank, Theater, Bath, Ice, Pepsi-Cola, Glassey's, Fred's Autos, Roi Tan Cigars, Bull Durham, Fairbank's Tar
  • Soap, and more.
  • Multiple colors: Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Black, and Green.

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