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Top Flite Microballoons Filler 8 oz (TOPR1090)

Top Flite

Top Flite Microballoons Filler 8 oz (TOPR1090)

$ 10.99

TOP FLITE SUPREME MICRO-BALLOON FILLER is ideal for thinning epoxy and poly-ester resins to make fillets or repairing surface imperfections. The ratio of epoxy to microballoons is a 3:1 mixture.


  • Ultra-light extender makes epoxy or polyester resins lighter and more sandable.
  • Great for joints and fillets, or surfacing over imperfections in wood grain or in fiberglass cloth.
  • Convenient spout offers easy, no-waste pouring for clean,no mess use.
  • Compatible with aliphatic resins and acetone based glues


  • One 8oz container of White micro-balloons filler


  • Safety goggles and gloves should be worn when handling micro-balloon.


  • Fluid Ounces: 8oz (237ml)
  • Net Weight: .71oz (approx)


  • Use of more than 3:1 ratio makes lighter and easy-to-sand filler
  • Use of too much microballoons may degrade the surface adhesion of the epoxy of polyester resin.
  • Epoxies & polyester resins may cure faster when using microballoons

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