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Robart Micro Gear 90 Degree Mains 3/32" Wire Strut (ROB123)


Robart Micro Gear 90 Degree Mains 3/32" Wire Strut (ROB123)

$ 22.99

These are NON-Rotating 85° or 90° Micro Main Gear Retracts by Robart.  They are Designed for Small Gas and Electric Powered Models.  This Retract System is Mechanical.



  • Retract Gears made of Tough Nylon Construction and Gear Legs made of Tempered Steel.
  • Positive Down Lock locks the Gears for Safer Landings.


  • Two Main Landing Gears
  • Eight 3/16x7/16" S/T Screws
  • One 1/32" Allen Wrench
  • One Instruction Sheet


  • Weight: 0.9oz per pair (not including wheels and collars)
  • Weight Range: Up to 2lb (907g) capacity
  • Gear Leg Diameter: 3/32"
  • Distance between mounting holes: 1-5/16" long, 11/16" wide
  • Servo Travel: 5/8"
  • Strut Wire Diameter: 3/32"
  • Length of Gear: 1-5/8" (41.3mm)
  • Width of Gear: 29/32 (22.9mm)


  • Mini or Standard Servos (depending on radio system and application)
  • Wheel Collars (GPMQ4302)
  • Epoxy Resin (GPMR6045)
  • Fiberglass Cloth (GPMR1054) for wheel wells wheels (size depends on application)
  • 1/16" Music Wire
  • This is not for use with micro servos.

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