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Aero-Mate Starting Stand (MID811)


Aero-Mate Starting Stand (MID811)

$ 29.99

This AERO-MATE STARTING STAND is designed to be driven into the ground and hold an airplane while the engine is started.  The stand is painted White and looks similar to a football goal post.

*** It is still recommended to have an assistant when starting your engine. ***

  • Sturdy 5/16" support rod welded to a ¾" upright tubing
  • Padded foam sleeves cover uprights to protect the model
  • Can be placed in front of leading edge of wing or horizontal stab


  • One Starting stand
  • Two Upright black foam padding
  • Two Upright white plastic caps


  • A rubber hammer to drive in ground rod


  • Ground support rod- Height: 12¼" Diameter: 5/16"
  • Upright- Height: 12" Diameter: ¾" Width between sides: 8¾"

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