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Great Planes 6.5 Airplane w/InterLink Mode 2 (GPMZ4448)

Great Planes

Great Planes 6.5 Airplane w/InterLink Mode 2 (GPMZ4448)

$ 29.99

This is the RealFlight G5 Upgrade Disc. Upgrade your G3™, G3.5™, G4™ or G4.5™ simulator to the world’s most advanced R/C flight simulator with the G5 Upgrade disc. It now also doubles as the finest R/C flight training tool available. Using G5’s enhanced Multiplayer and your Internet connection, you can fly with multiple pilots, too. Go beyond RealFlight’s famous “at the field” accuracy to match skills in exciting new Combat Events!

New features

included: “Full Coverage” Collision Detection - Hundreds of sensor points blanket an aircraft — providing the most realistic reaction to impacts you can imagine. Depth of Field Effect - Turned on, it keeps your model the visual focal point of your simulation — while anything that falls outside of its immediate vicinity loses sharpness. Water Takeoffs and Landings - Select any of G5’s float-equipped aircraft to turn ponds, lakes and oceans into landing strips. Combat Events - Take a break from “serious” flying and test your maneuvering expertise in a little game-style fun with friends. Use your own headsets to chat live while the battle rages! Pilot’s License - Choose a name, select an avatar, and create your own profile to share — including a personal statement, flight hours logged and points accumulated in Combat Events. Targeting System - Select a single opponent from any number of participants and track his movement throughout the virtual Combat arena. Refined physics - High-Performing Helicopters. RealFlight helicopters’ gyro holding ability is better than ever — and you have more choices in models without rotor head flybars. More camera options and effects. On-Board Cameras: Use the Aircraft Editor to add cameras to your plane or heli, just like any other object. Moveable Camera Angles: Change video angles from your controller! Activate servos using a switch or rotary knob to rotate the camera position. First Person Video (FPV): Another RealFlight R/C simulator first! FPV puts you in the pilot’s seat, experiencing your simulated flight as you would from inside the cockpit. Improved Cockpit Details - Selected aircraft increase the impression of being “inside the cockpit” by including window frames, wings, engines and other detail in first-person views Easier editing with more options - You control every aspect of the flying sites and aircraft. Change the wingspan, modify airfoils, add cameras, alter trim schemes, convert from glow to electric power and more. More aircraft and flyng sites - Select from over 75 aircraft and more than 30 flying sites.

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