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Midwest Carbon Fiber Rod .125 x 40" (MID5803)


Midwest Carbon Fiber Rod .125 x 40" (MID5803)

$ 6.99

This is the Midwest .125" Diameter 40" Carbon Fiber Rod.



Ideal for lightweight construction of framework, pushrods and wing
reinforcement in R/C aircraft
High fiber to resin ratio for added stiffness
40% lighter than aluminum


One Midwest .125" Diameter 40" Carbon Fiber Rod


Cutting (abrasive cut-off wheel recommended) and CA glue, GPMR6001
depending on application


Length: 40" (1016mm)
Diameter: .125" (3.2mm)
Weight: 0.012oz (.330g) per inch


When cutting carbon fiber, avoid side cutters as these can crush the
rods and separate fibers. Always wear safety goggles and gloves
when cutting or sanding carbon fiber.

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