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SuperTigre G-3250 Dual BB Giant Scale (SUP11003522)


SuperTigre G-3250 Dual BB Giant Scale (SUP11003522)

$ 229.99 $ 399.99

This is the SuperTigre G-3250 that replaces the S-3000K. It is basically an "overbored" S-3000K engine.

  • Ball bearing-supported crankshaft (two bearings)
  • Schnuerle Porting (AKA Schnuerle scavenging)
  • Aluminum Piston with piston ring
  • Better power-to-weight ratio than gasoline (Weed Eater) engines


  • One Radial motor mount (backplate mount)
  • One Assembled G3250 Engine w/Carb
  • One Glow Plug
  • One Instruction Set, Decals, and Parts List


  • Propeller
  • Muffler
  • Fuel (at least 16% lubricants for break-in, after break-in, you can go down to 14%. 100% Synthetic or Synthetic/Castor will work.)


  • Bore: 36mm (1.417")
  • Stroke: 32mm (1.128")
  • Displacement: 32.61cc (1.989 cu in)
  • Power output: 3.2BHP @ 7,700
  • RPM range: 2,000-9,000
  • Weight w/o muffler: 1219 (43oz)
  • Width between centers of mounting holes: 64mm (2.52")
  • Length between centers of mounting holes: 23mm (.91")
  • Width of crankcase excluding mounting flanges: 54mm (2.13")
  • Length from backplate to front of drive washer: 142mm (5.59")
  • Height from bottom of crankcase to top of head: 137mm (5.39")
  • Crankshaft size: 10mm-1.25
  • Suggested prop size: 20x8, 18x8
  • Carb Settings: H-2-turns out from closed position.
  • Take carb off, rotate and look at bottom side.
  • Turn trottle until wide open, set tip of low end needle half-way across cat eye.

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