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Zinger 11x8 Pusher Wood Prop  (ZINP604)


Zinger 11x8 Pusher Wood Prop (ZINP604)

$ 3.99

This is the 12x8 Pusher Wood Propeller from Zinger.

Product Features
  • Classic squared tips and ample airfoil sections.
  • Constructed of lightweight maple.
  • Lower noise and accurate balance.
  • Propeller is totally fuel-proof.
Product Specifications
  • Hole Diameter: 1/4" approx
  • Propeller Diameter: 12"
  • Propeller Pitch: 8"
What's Included

One 12x8 Pusher Wood Propeller

Requirements & Suggestions
  • Depending on the engine crankshaft size, the propeller may need to be reamed to a larger size using GPMQ5005 (SAE) or GPMQ5007 (Metric).

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