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Detail Master Fitting Line #1 - .020” - 4 Pc (DM-1311)

Detail Master

Detail Master Fitting Line #1 - .020” - 4 Pc (DM-1311)

$ 5.25

Detail Master Fitting Line #1 (.020") 3 3" pieces for 1/24 & 1/25 "Hard Line for Insertion in Braided Line to make turns and elbows"

Many race cars and street cars use metal braided hose with Compression Fittings for Oil,Fuel,& Coolant lines. Now using Detail Master Fittings and braided hose you can duplicate the real thing on your models. Our fittings are machined, not molded, giving you the best accuracy and appearance. Diameter = .020"

For best results, the manufacturer recommends the use of bendable and stable fitting lines which are inserted into the Braided Line to make turns and elbows. 1301 Braided Line should be used with Fitting Line 1311. The following Fittings are recommended for connections when using 1301 Braided Line: Compression Fitting 3021, or Pipe Fitting 3031, Adapter Fitting 3041, Combination Fitting 3051. 

•General Instructions for usage of Braided Lines, Fitting Lines, and Connectors.
•Specific Instructions Are Included with Each Product:
•1. By drilling out the fittings, things will go more smoothly
•2. Glue the pipe fittings to one side of the hard line and slide the compression/adapter fittings onto the braided line.
•3. With the connection complete, the hard line can be painted or left as is.
•4. Good reference material will be needed to show where the lines mount.
•5. Drill pilot holes the same size as the hard line.
•6. note: to avoid flattening of braided line you can insert the hard line into the braided line. This also helps to bend the braid as needed

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